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PointToProve Launch Pro Services


Pursuing a professional career in tennis is no easy feat, but financing it can be just as tough. Players must cover the costs of coaching, travel to tournaments, hospitality, equipment and much more. For those who are ranked outside the top 100 and playing in the Challenger and International Tennis Federation (ITF) events, there is an evident divide in earnings from the players at the top.

The Cost of the Game

Point To Prove (PTP) professionals are rarely at home, constantly packing and unpacking their bags, barely seeing family or friends. Starting out on the professional circuit, players stay in cheap hotels and struggle to make ends meet without financial sponsorship. At the start of a player’s professional career, the annual schedule includes $10,000, $15,000 and $25,000 ITF tournaments. This figure is the overall prize money for the draw; the winner of a $10,000 event will only take home $1,440 in prize money (before tax deductions), which often means they barely break even for the week.

Pursuing a career as a professional tennis player requires £20,000 – £65,600+ annually. This includes training, coaching, accommodation, travel and two tournaments on average per month based on an annual 52-week schedule.

Pro Services 1When travelling to tournaments on tour, the main costs include:

– Travel
– Accommodation
– Food & Beverages
– Stringing
– Court fee
– Physiotherapy (If needed)
– Coaching (If applicable)
– Travel Insurance

On average a player can expect to stay 5 days at a given tournament. Therefore, the weekly costs are £400 – £1,000+. If the athlete plays two ITF tournaments a month (24 annually) then the annual costs are £9,600 – £24,000+ respectively, without factoring in any training fees at a players academy or club.

Pro Services

To help British, Irish and players over Europe gain and raise additional funding for travel on tour, Point To Prove have launched their new exciting “Pro Services”. This will offer an opportunity for individuals to get up and close with Professional Tennis players throughout Great Britain, Ireland and the rest of Europe to aid in raising funds for travel on the ITF and Challenger Circuit.

You can now utilise Point To Prove Professional Tennis Players knowledge, talent and exposure through the new ‘Pro Services’, which are available here.

If you’ve ever wanted to play with a professional tennis player, now is your chance through the Hit With A Pro service. This is an exciting opportunity for any tennis enthusiast, see if you can keep up with a Professional tennis player.

Pro Services 2If you’re an aspiring tennis player you can now get even closer to professionals by spending a day training with the professional of your choice through the Train With A Pro service. This will include a full days training putting you through the paces professional tennis players experience on a daily basis.

There is also the opportunity available to take advantage of the vast exposure PTP professionals gain using a player as a Pro Company Ambassador, add some glitz and glam with a Pro Photo Shoot or even use a Pro Exhibition Match to wow the crowd at any local event. These professional players have a very strong and active following on social media, therefore PTP also offer a Pro Social Media Exposure service to reach a wide audience promoting a new product or campaign.

If hitting or training with a professional tennis player isn’t for you but you still want to financially support your favourite professional, you can do so through the Donate To A Pro service where you can choose your favourite athlete and simply donate towards supporting their career.

Mutual Benefits

All “Pro Services” completed help these athletes gain vital financial funds to support them travelling on the ATP/WTA tour. Completing a pro service with PTP professionals not only gives you that once in a lifetime experience but also helps the professional player raise funds for travel to gain those vital ranking points they well deserve.

Pro Services 3With eight great different options of “Pro Services” available, all offering something different for tennis enthusiasts or companies wanting something different, the newly launched pro services is a fantastic way to experience the amount of hard work and time these athletes put in each day committing to tennis as their full time career.

To find out more about this unique opportunity of how you can play, train or even just donate to PTP professional tennis players please visit www.pointtoprove.com and check out the new ‘Pro Services’ section.

Point To Prove and our professional players thank everyone for their great support and commitment so far. Please email any enquires to info.pointtoprove@gmail.com.


Founder of PointToProve, a Tennis Management Agency created to seek out sources of financial sponsorship and other financial support for young players.



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