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Rankings Round-Up: 9th March 2016

Our Rankings Round-Up is our weekly Wednesday piece in which we discuss the rises and falls in the weekly ATP, WTA, ITF, ITA, LTA and Tennis Europe rankings.

The wheels keep on turning on the ATP, WTA and ITF tours, and our very best Brits are making real waves at the top of the tree.

It’s our top British women that are making huge strides, with Johanna Konta, Heather Watson and Naomi Broady all in the world’s top 76. Konta returned to her career high of #26, while Watson’s triumph in Monterrey means she leaps 31 places to #53, her highest ranking so far this year and not a million miles away from her career high of #38. Broady, after her first appearance in a WTA semi-final in Kuala Lumpur, reaches a career high of #76.

There were also new career highs for Freya Christie, moving up 21 places to #375, Gabi Taylor, up 18 to #661, and Emily Appleton who is up 6 to #932. In the meantime, Amanda Carreras replaces Katy Dunne at British Number Five after Dunne dropped six places. Tara Moore remains outside the top 300 but British Number Four.

There was less action on the men’s rankings this week, with three new career highs lower down the tennis ladder: Luke Bambridge rose just four places but hits a new CH at #486, while Evan Hoyt inches closer to the top 500, up 14 to #563. Meanwhile, Billy Harris continues to reap the rewards of his efforts in Spain, now just outside the top 1000 at #1064, up 39.

A few worrying declines starting to take place, though, with James Ward falling another ten places and Brydan Klein dropping outside the top 200. He’s now over 100 points behind Dan Evans; at the start of the year they were level on point. Elsewhere, Ed Corrie drops a host of points to move down 73 places to outside the top 500.

In the ITF Boys rankings, we now have 5 juniors in the top 100, with Alastair Gray having moved up 18 spots to #90, replacing Ewan Moore at the junior #4. Alexis Canter is also up to a junior career high at #50. Not much else to report further down, except for George Loffhagen‘s meteoric rise 361 places to #1257 following a couple of wins in South Africa.

Once again it’s the Girls making all the headlines, with excellent strings of results all across the world leading to new junior career highs: Emily Appleton is up another 32 places to #110, while Ali Collins is not far behind at #119. Also, Gemma Heath’s final appearance at the Grade 4 in Norway gives her a 60-place boost to #341.

In the brand new ITA Collegiate Rankings, there was a welcome return to the top 125 for Danieka Borthwick, who is in at #72. Emma Devine rises ahead of Zoe Douglas, the former now inside the top 100 at #84 and the latter just outside a #112.

Brits continue to have a strong presence in the Men’s ITA Rankings: Cameron Norrie remains the second best collegiate player in the country, while Julian Cash is now the second highest Brit, up from #75 to #49. Jordan Angus is down 13 to #53, Ryan Peniston is down 4 to #61, while Jathan Malik finally falls following his rises into the rankings, down 25 to #85. Andrew Watson returns to the rankings just behind Malik at #86, while Jack Findel-Hawkins is up 11 to #105. Alex Sendegeya just holds on to a ranking: he’s down to #124.


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