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Week 21 Jrs: Storrie Falls at Final Hurdle at Belgian Grade 1

British Junior #2 Ryan Storrie was unable to exact British revenge on Canadian Benjamin Sigouin at the ITF Juniors Grade 1 event in Charleroi, Belgium yesterday, before shooting off to the Junior French Open after a highly successful week.

Storrie, seeded seventh, had made an excellent run to the final which had involved victories over the fifth, tenth and fifteenth seeds in the three rounds before the final. However, his opponent on Saturday, junior #24 Sigouin, had beaten Jay Clarke, the British Junior #1, in three sets in the quarter-finals, and so the 18-year-old would be hard pressed to better the result of his compatriot, ranked 12 places ahead of him in the ITF Rankings.

Sigouin was, in the end, too good on the clay, securing a 6-4 6-3 victory over Storrie to claim his first title of the year.

“Shame, but a great week none the less [for Ryan].” – Mervatron, British Tennis Forums

Storrie now heads to the Junior French Open, where he’s set to face German Junior #19 Louis Wessels in the first round. Storrie’s record against top 20 players in the last twelve months is not good, having won just one of five, but Wessels too has only won 25% of his matches against top 30 opposition since last May. An interesting clash could ensue.


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