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Week 22 ITFs: No Brit Progresses Past Second Round

It was a week to forget for Brits at ITF Futures events across the globe, as no Brit even reached the quarter-finals of any of the events on offer (barring the events in Eastbourne and Manchester). 19-year-old Laura Sainsbury, new convert Dan Dowson and the ever-improving Francesca Stephenson got the furthest with a single main draw win this week.

The only male left in action since our last update was Dan Dowson, who had already secured a first round victory at the $10k event in Tunisia. The Brit then faced Chilean 5th seed Cristobal Saavedra-Corvalan, but was unable to make a real impact on the match after losing a late break in the first set, going down 7-5 6-1 after only pressuring the Chilean’s serve twice throughout the match. 

In the women’s side of things, Amanda Carreras had successfully qualified for the $100k event in France earlier in the week, but her run came to a rather abrupt end in the first round when she was paired against Spanish 7th seed and world #126 Silvia Soler-Espinosa, who promptly thrashed the Brit 6-1 6-2, winning 6 out of 7 close games and 66% of big points. Carreras will be satisfied at her unexpected qualification against seeding, but may have wished to put up a slightly more resistant fight in the main draw.

15-year-old Francesca Jones must wait another week for her official WTA Ranking, as her quest for a third counter fell flat in Tunisia, going down 6-1 6-3 to French 6th seed Jade Suvrijn. The Frenchwoman took seven breaks from seven looks on the 15-year-old’s serve, indicating the youngster still requires the mental resilience to fully compete at senior level – something which will undoubtedly come with time.

Elsewhere, in second round action, 19-year-old Laura Sainsbury worked hard against 4th seed Harmony Tan at the $10k in Spain before going down 6-3 6-4, while Francesca Stephenson fell 6-0 6-3 to Kiwi qualifier Joanna Carswell in a result that on paper looks very poor, considering the New Zealander is unranked and has never been ranked inside the top 1250.

R2: [Q] Laura Sainsbury (Spain $10k); Dan Dowson (Tunisia $10k); Francesca Stephenson (Turkey $10k)
R1: [Q] Amanda Carreras
(France $100k); [WC] Francesca Jones (Tunisia $10k); [Q] Rhett Purcell (China $25k); [Q] Gabi Taylor (Uzbekistan $25k); [7] Laura Deigman (Israel $10k); Farris Gosea (Mexico $10k); Jazzamay Drew (Turkey $10k)

FQR: [q1] Joshua Paris, Scott Duncan, Jamie Praditngam, Suzy Larkin (Turkey $10k)

QR1: Samuel Beddow (Mexico $10k); James Allemby (Tunisia $10k)


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