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Week 24 ITFs: Gosea Sole British Survivor into Friday at ITFs

Farris Fathi Gosea is the only Brit still able to win a title this week at the ITF $25k and $10k events across the globe after a hugely disappointing week so far has seen just three Brits reach the second round – with Gosea yet to play his second round match in Buffalo across the pond.

There were a couple of very encouraging qualifying performances from players we haven’t seen much of on the ITF Pro Circuit for varying reasons – a key one being their ongoing studies at college over in the States. Memphis Sophomore Andrew Watson came through qualifying and won a main draw match in Buffalo, NY before falling 6-2 6-4 to fifth seed Winston Lin, while Farris Gosea, another ex-US college player, is currently in the middle of his second round match against Canadian Hunter Callahan.

Meanwhile, Julian Cash (in Belgium) and Max Andrews (in Romania) were other current college students taking part in $10k events, with varied success: both players are currently ATP ranked but neither will pick up points this week. Andrews, despite qualifying past two higher-ranked players, was rewarded with an even tougher match against 5th seed Martin Cuevas of Uruguay. The Brit put up an excellent fight against the South American but eventually fell 6-4 0-6 6-3. Cash didn’t make it as far as the main draw in Belgium, falling to third qualifying seed Pierre Favre 6-3 6-3 in the final round – although fellow Brit Mason Recci did make the main draw, only to lose 6-1 6-3 to sixth seed Romain Barbosa in the first round proper.

On the women’s side of things, Francesca Stephenson retired in her second round match earlier today in Slovenia after a first round victory had seen the fifth seed become only the third Brit to reach a second round this week. We wish Fran all the best in her recovery. Of further note, both Laura Sainsbury and Suzy Larkin remain unranked despite having two counters; a third wasn’t far away for Sainsbury this week after having qualified once again for the main draw in Portugal, but the Brit fell 6-4 6-3 to Brazilian Carolina Meligeni Rodrigues Alves. Larkin fell in the final qualifying round.

There were further first round defeats for qualifiers Daniel Manlow, Sabrina Bamburac, Emily Dowdeswell Koti and Samuel Ferguson across the globe, with Scott Clayton also failing to win his opening match earlier in the week and Mirabelle Njoze losing out in the first round of the $25k + H in Montpellier.

R2: [5] Francesca Stephenson (Slovenia $10k); Farris Gosea, [Q] Andrew Watson (USA $10k)
R1: Mirabelle Njoze
(France $25k + H); [Q] Daniel Manlow (USA $25k); [Q] Mason Recci (Belgium $10k); [Q] Sabrina Bamburac (Egypt $10k); [Q] Emily Dowdeswell Koti (Mauritius $10k); [Q] Samuel Ferguson (Mozambique $10k); [Q] Laura Sainsbury (Portugal $10k); [Q] Max Andrews (Romania $10k); Scott Clayton (Turkey $10k)

FQR: [q14] Julian Cash (Belgium $10k); [q9] Robbie Ridout (Hong Kong $10k); Joe Cooper (Mozambique $10k); Luke Oakley (Poland $10k); Suzy Larkin, Chelsea May Samways (Turkey $10k)
QR2: [q15] Sizya Kivanda (Spain $10k); Nicholas Nugent, Scott Duncan (Turkey $10k)
QR1: Tiffany William (France $25k + H); Lauren Hewett, Amelia Stuart (USA $25k); Joe Woolley (Holland $10k); Jonathan Gray (Hong Kong $10k); [q4] Toby Martin (Italy $10k); Patrick Foley, Filipe Sharratt (Mozambique $10k); Luke Simkiss, Michael Morphy, Daniel Gunn, Francesca Wilkes (Turkey $10k)


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