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  • 2016 – The Year of Andy Murray?

    With the Australian Open just around the corner, Lewis Wright analyses Andy Murray’s chances in the tournament this year, as well as his overall prospects for the coming tennis year. Andy Murray enters 2016 as arguably the greatest player this nation has ever seen, and yet that World Number One spot still eludes him. With

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  • Downe House Blazing the Way for Tennis in Schools

    An independent all-girls boarding school in Berkshire over the last six years has developed its tennis coaching programme from a run-of-the-mill private school regime to one of the most enviable in the country, boasting a roster consisting of a host of ex- and current professionals, most notably former British Number Two Josh Goodall. We spoke to Tim

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  • Brits to Watch at US College in 2016

    Bobby Knight is the founder of, an American blog focused on providing US college updates to collegiate tennis fans and players alike. Knight has a unique knowledge of the collegiate game, and as such is able to provide his insight on the Brits currently studying across the pond. For those interested in following him

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  • Meet the Brits Heading to America in 2016

    Studying at US College under tennis scholarships is becoming an ever more popular way of staying in the game after school, thanks hugely to the Tennis Smart organisation, which exists solely to place young Brits in American colleges after their A-Levels. Below we take a look at some of the players heading across the pond

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  • Can Andy Murray Ever Be World Number 1?

    Andy Murray, Britain’s Number 1 and current World Number 2, has been a part of the arguably greatest era in Men’s tennis. But will our greatest tennis player for almost 80 years ever reach that fabled Number 1 spot before his time is up? Has he become the best player never to reach the very

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  • Five Top Noughties Juniors You’ve Never Heard Of

    The likes of Kyle Edmund, Laura Robson and the Broady siblings have perforated the edges of our tennis lives in recent years, with all of them having been born in the mid-to-late nineties and enjoyed successful Junior careers. But another generation of tennis juniors is on the rise: we look at a few of the

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  • The LTA Must Act Now after Britain’s Davis Cup Victory

    After Great Britain won their first Davis Cup for 79 years, engaging millions of Brits in the process, there is simply no excuse for the LTA to not capitalise on that momentum. ‘Golden times for British Tennis’? After a string of astounding performances from the Murrays, James Ward, and Captain Leon Smith to lift the

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  • 10 Reasons it’s Not Easy Being a Famous Tennis Player

    The glitz and glamour of the elite game of tennis is easy to see every year when Wimbledon rolls around: Roger Federer strolling out in his own brand of clothing; friends and family lounging in the royal box; vast amounts of prize money on offer for the champion. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows

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  • Young Guns to Watch in 2016

    2015 – the best ever year for British tennis? Probably not. The hyperbolic tendencies of British journalists are once again in full swing. Davis Cup champions and a female Brit nominated for WTA Most Improved Player (and one who is genuinely showing top 20 form) is nothing to be sniffed at, sure. But whilst there

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  • Davis Cup Success Must Be Taken With A Pinch Of Salt

    Imagine Lionel Messi skipping the FIFA World Cup, Lewis Hamilton resting instead of racing the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, or Rory McIlroy deciding that he just didn’t feel competing at the Masters this year. Quite simply, you can’t. These situations are ludicrous – top athletes actively deciding against competing in the premier tournaments of their

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