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  • Elite of College Tennis: The Brits – An Analysis

    Earlier today Universal Tennis posted an article to their blog revealing the top 10 male and female tennis players currently studying at college in the US, ranked according to their Universal Tennis Ratings. Below, we’ll discuss what the graphic means and analyse how our college kids would stack up against players already on the pro

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  • Universal Tennis Rating: The Future of Tennis?

    Tennis worldwide is coming to a crossroads: with the emergence of the Universal Tennis Rating as a widely accepted method of judging a player’s ability, will the UTR eventually replace the need for national or international ranking systems? Or is a definite ranking necessary for the development of the game? And how accurate is the UTR

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  • Downe House Blazing the Way for Tennis in Schools

    An independent all-girls boarding school in Berkshire over the last six years has developed its tennis coaching programme from a run-of-the-mill private school regime to one of the most enviable in the country, boasting a roster consisting of a host of ex- and current professionals, most notably former British Number Two Josh Goodall. We spoke to Tim

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  • Brits to Watch at US College in 2016

    Bobby Knight is the founder of collegetennistoday.com, an American blog focused on providing US college updates to collegiate tennis fans and players alike. Knight has a unique knowledge of the collegiate game, and as such is able to provide his insight on the Brits currently studying across the pond. For those interested in following him

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  • Meet the Brits Heading to America in 2016

    Studying at US College under tennis scholarships is becoming an ever more popular way of staying in the game after school, thanks hugely to the Tennis Smart organisation, which exists solely to place young Brits in American colleges after their A-Levels. Below we take a look at some of the players heading across the pond

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  • PointToProve Launch Pro Services

    Pursuing a professional career in tennis is no easy feat, but financing it can be just as tough. Players must cover the costs of coaching, travel to tournaments, hospitality, equipment and much more. For those who are ranked outside the top 100 and playing in the Challenger and International Tennis Federation (ITF) events, there is

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