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Mark Gregory

Mark Gregory is a self-confessed jack-of-all-trades and master of none. Having graduated in German and Russian from the University of St Andrews, he has experience in written and broadcast journalism, novel writing, radio presenting and live emcee-ing, travel and tourism, professional musical theatre, a cappella and even teaching English abroad. His love of tennis stems from a young age, before Internet, when he avidly used Ceefax to fill in the newspaper pullouts of the Wimbledon Singles’ Draw, and while he’s never once won a tennis game in his life, his obsession with British Tennis as a fan verges on insanity. Mark’s idea for the website was initially voiced on the British Tennis Forums, one of the most incredible and knowledgable discussion forums out there, and the feedback he received from both members and close friends inspired him to create the website you see before you. Mark hopes that there is something for everyone on the site – fans, players, coaches et al – and that one day his hard work will land him a dream job as a sports commentator on the telly!


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