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Tennis Smart

There was a time when talented young players had to choose between pursuing their tennis careers or remaining in education. Tennis Smart wants to change all that. Tennis Smart believes in helping players along a developmental pathway that means staying in education at every stage of their tennis development, from getting GCSEs, A Levels to gaining a scholarship to a top US university.


College Tennis Today


College Tennis Today‘s mission is to help promote and grow the sport of college tennis. The blog was initially created because there wasn’t enough places out there to find information about college tennis, despite a passionate fanbase thirsting for information. With more and more men’s programs getting dropped each year, due to financial issues, the tennis community needed to find a way to help keep the existing programs afloat.




PointToProve aims to support young professional tennis players in reaching their full potential removing the monetary stress, which is a frequent issue on the professional tour. This allows players to concentrate solely on developing their career. PTP will help tennis players to source financial funding through commercial sponsorship from the business sector. This will create opportunities for companies and brands to financially support young talented professional tennis players, in turn, increasing their exposure on a global scale.




Universal Tennis Ratings provide tennis players worldwide a common scale to determine their level of play. The 16-level scale (from beginners to elite world-class professionals), precisely and reliably determines individual players’ ratings based on actual match results without regard for age, gender or where the matches are played. The Universal Tennis website allows visitors to view more than two million tennis results. College Tennis coaches utilize UTR ratings for recruiting, for scouting opponents, and also to track the levels of their current players.

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